Quatreau SmartTap™

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Quatreau SmartTap™

Think Outside The Bottle - zero plastics waste


Reduce your environmental impact with Quatreau SmartTap™. With unlimited Chilled and Sparkling water on tap, you’ll never have to buy plastic bottled water again. So that’s reduced carbon footprint, zero food miles and no plastics waste. The Quatreau SmartTap™ is 33% more energy-efficient than a kettle, so you’re winning on every front.

Quatreau SmartTap™ dispenses high volumes of filtered* drinking water with a modular choice of up to 3 functions including boiling, chilled, sparkling and/or ambient. The optional drip-tray lets you install the Quatreau SmartTap™ in a countertop.  You can do away with the kettle and you’ll never need to buy plastic bottled water again, reducing your environmental impact and saving storage space. Made in England from 316 stainless steel for quality and durability, in either Brushed or Polished finish, Quatreau SmartTap™ includes built-in safety features.

Specifically designed to give trouble free use, all materials are of high quality and will not be damaged by reverse osmosis water.

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Manufacturer Octo Marine

Dispenses 3 litres instant draw at 98 degrees C (the ideal temperature for preparing tea and coffee) and a further 30 ltr/hr without any loss in temperature.

WATER 20 ltr/hr at a constant 5 degrees C. Unlimited use.

20 ltr/hr at a constant 10 degrees C. No limit to capacity, Quatreau® keeps on delivering without the airlocks found in other sparkling water taps.

33% more energy-efficient than a kettle; unbeatable thermal insulation.

Boiling function illuminated control has a built-in safety function, that can be activated if required.

Quatreau SmartTap™ can be placed into your existing galley or kitchen sink or additional prep sink (or countertop, if you select the drip-tray model) at a rear or side position.

Designed to work with RO and bunkered water, does not suffer the same problems as competitor units due to the materials used.