CAT Pump 1051

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CAT Pump 1051

This is a triplex [three plunger rods] positive displacement, reciprocating, plunger pump, constructed of 316SS manifold, 316SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR [Buna-N] seals and o-rings. These higher capacity plunger pumps are suitable for multi-gun and multi-nozzle, high pressure systems. and pumping special liquids such as DI water and salt water.

CAT 15 frame plunger pump for Sea water desalination- Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, Food, Agriculture, Chemical, pharmaceutical and pressure washing industries. Up to 38LPM (10GPM)

More Information
Octo Marine Code 001051
Brand Codes No
Manufacturer CAT Pumps
Compatible Octo Marine, Aqua Base, Cat Pumps, Dessalator, Echotec, FCI, HEM, HP, HRO, Idromar, Matrix, Schenker, Sea Fresh, Sea Recovery, SLCE, Spectra, Tecnicomar, Water Makers Inc
Sizes 414 x 330 x 164 mm
Max Flow 10 gpm
Min Pressure 100 psi
Max Pressure 2200 psi
Inlet Port Size 3/4"NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 1/2"NPT(F)
RPM 958
Drive Type Belt Drive
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Options Available with motor mounted on a skid, unloader, pressure regulator
Product Uses Food, Agriculture, Chemical, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Pressure Washing, Sea Water Desalination