Octo Marine Quality and Environment Policy

The consideration of the requirements and needs of all stakeholders, in particular those of our customers, our employees and our partners, is at the heart of our quality and environmental policy. To this end, OCTO MARINE has put in place a management system to guarantee efficient delivery of its services in compliance with legal obligations and regulatory requirements.

Our policy is focused on the two following aspects:



OCTO MARINE sets the following goals:

  • Increase client satisfaction by the timely delivery of products with a high standard of quality.
  • Increase the turnover of the company in order to gain increased stability and service efficiency.
  • Ensure quality of work and continuous improvement by undertaking ISO 9001 certification of our activities and processes.
  • Offer our employees education and training opportunities for continuous professional development.



OCTO MARINE sets the following goals:

  • Guarantee our ISO 14001 certification by our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint (energy consumption, waste management and recycling).
  • Put into place the necessary means to respect legal, regulatory and other requirements to date and going forward.
  • Keep a record of our CO2 emissions.
  • Work with the label Imprim’Vert printers who use plant-based ink, recycle their waste, and use paper generated from sustainable forests managed by papermakers.
  • Continue to develop and increase awareness of our "Think outside the bottle" campaign against single use plastic onboard yachts.


As company Directors, we are committed in making available all the necessary means and resources to meet the requirements of our quality and environmental policy. We are fully engaged with the objective of continual improvement of our company in a global and participatory approach and encourage all staff members to take an active role in meeting this objective.


Dustin WILSON, Ashleigh WEST

March 2019