Hydrasil Ag+® Integrated Treatment System

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Hydrasil Ag+® Integrated Treatment System

Silver Ion liquid dosing treatment system.

Mounted on an epoxy coated aluminum frame, the Octo advanced treatment system can be used with a range of chemicals.

It incorporates a microprocessor controlled dosing pump, low chemical level sensor, NO/NC alarm outlet and a pulse emitting flow meter with accumulated treated volume counter along with injection valve.

The ratio of the chemical introduced to the water is determined by the K 0,25 Pulse emitting ow meter which will withstand high static and dynamic pressure.

The materials used in the manufacture of the system are of the highest quality.

More Information
Octo Marine Code 97001202
Brand Codes No
Manufacturer Octo Marine
Compatible Octo Marine
Sizes H520 X W420 X D290MM
Options Other Chemicals Available. Hydrasil Ag+®, Ultralox40®, Micropur®, Multitreat®, Chlorine
Product Uses -