Coronavirus Covid-19 and Potable Water - Advice

Coronavirus Covid-19 and Potable Water - Advice

The outbreak of a respiratory illness, known as COVID-19, continues to spread around the world both on land and marine vessels.
With one of the primary pieces of advice to regularly wash hands thoroughly to prevent the transfer of the disease, it means more than ever that the provision of clean and safe water on board is vital to stop the disease spreading.

During times of crisis, various questions are being asked over whether COVID-19 can be transferred via the potable water supply.

Professional bodies, institutions and associations have been quick to publish fact sheets and guidance documents to calm any concern and help cut through the sea of misinformation and fake news being produced and circulated.

The Facts About COVID-19 and Potable Water

While persistence in drinking-water is possible, there is no current evidence from surrogate human coronaviruses that they are present in surface or groundwater sources or transmitted through contaminated drinking-water.

Conventional, water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection should inactivate the COVID-19 virus, but clients should remain vigilant in their routines, ensuring filters are changed monthly and the weekly testing of the key factors sterilization residual, temperature, and pH, regular analysis of your potable water will ensure the quality and potability and therefore the safety of the personal onboard.

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